2022-4-22 11:14:00

Business and Technology Development: Commercial Opportunities
Converging with cultural and technological disruptions forthcoming in healthcare, Biotech Support Group develops methods for cost effective and efficient sample prep essential for these expanding markets. Following a tiered business strategy, the company continues its growth in the consumable research products area supporting the rapidly expanding installation of LC-MS instrument and computational infrastructure. For this market, key products include: AlbuVoid™ and AlbuSorb™ for albumin depletion, Cleanascite™ for lipid adsorption, HemogloBind™ and HemoVoid™ for hemoglobin removal, and NuGel™ for functional proteomics. From these innovations, the company has acquired knowledgebase and biomarker intellectual property assets that support discoveries of protein markers from blood, with special emphasis on early detection and personalized medical decisions for cancer patients.

We are actively engaged in and seeking complementary discovery collaborations, joint development projects and licensing arrangements as well as the development and commercialization of specialized Biotech Support Group products. Our goal is to engage with industry, academia and research institutes to accelerate drug discovery, personalized medicine, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications within the marketplace.

We are poised to participate in the cultural and technological disruptions forthcoming in heathcare. Particularly, foreseen growth areas are personalized health monitoring adopting protein marker base-lining for high risk individuals for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative disorders. Such monitoring will require collection of biological fluids such as blood, urine or saliva and simple ways to either measure with over-the-counter kits, or preserve and mail to specialized laboratories. All such methods will require specialized sample prep and enrichment technologies.

Furthermore the integration of therapeutics, diagnostics and biomarkers into personalized medicine will demand engagement with of many ‘omic’ technologies. We envision through biopharm partnerships, growing a knowledgebase in functional and chemical proteomics. From such a knowledgebase, biomarker assets surrounding chemical interactomes, disordered sequence and multifunctional proteomes will be derived.

Biotech Support Group has commercial expertise, capabilities, and resources to develop novel technologies, innovative products, and services. We bring a collegial collaborative approach to all business relationships and partnerships.

To continue to meet and exceed customer expectations in our developing commercial markets, Biotech Support Groups plans to optimize and diversify its technology interests in the following areas:

Novel sample prep technologies for proteomics, genomics & metabolomics
Novel on-bead digestions using glycosidases and alternative proteases
New functional & chemical proteomic technologies, products and methods
Proteomic biomarker discovery and annotation services
Hemoglobin fractionation, enrichment, depletion and annotation
Lipid and lipo-proteome fractionation, enrichment, depletion and annotation
Glyco-proteome fractionation, enrichment, depletion and annotation
Albumin fractionation, enrichment, depletion and annotation
Kinase fractionation, enrichment, depletion and annotation
Virus fractionation, enrichment and annotation
Low abundance proteome enrichment and annotation
New feature reporting labels for structurally intact proteins, i.e., intrinsically disordered sequence
Bioinformatics services and report creation for LC-MS data output and workflow optimization
Molecular testing, clinical research, and diagnostics adopting LC-MS based biomarkers